Contact Person: Nellie Griffith (641-745-0473)

Outreach Group

Sent out to share the message of the cross

Sent out to be God’s disciples in His global kingdom

Sent out for missions

Sent out to bring God’s love and healing to people in need




                Brochures, Mailings, Newspaper Ads, Radio Ads et cetera


                Online Sermons

Special Sundays (Sports Sunday, Farmer Sunday, Hawaiian Sunday)

Special Worship Services or Guests (Ethiopian Evangelist Almaw Gari and Revival Service)

Mission in Motion

Mission Trips (El Paso, Joplin, Rockport)


Benevolence: Emergency, Local and World

God Stories



JDRF (Juvenille Diabetes Relief Fund) Walk Participants
JDRF (Juvenille Diabetes Relief Fund) Walk Participants