Welcome to Emmanuel Lutheran Church!

Have you ever felt like something was missing in your life? Purpose? Contentment? Hope? It’s easy to fill up your time with work projects, family events, and personal hobbies while still feeling empty inside. Have you ever wondered if there was more to life than THIS?


We invite you to experience a NEW life. Where you can learn how to find both satisfaction in your work and time to rest. Where you can discover how to become an even more effective parent and/or spouse. Where you can start making a difference in the lives of others in a practical way. At Emmanuel Lutheran Church, you can find out how to live a meaningful life here on Earth and how to live an eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ. We want to encourage you to live the life that God intends for you.     


Our Vision




Emmanuel Lutheran Church will be a place filled with the Holy Spirit where people are coming in to be sent out: Focused on changing hearts and changing lives for a better world.



Our Mission



Coming in to be inspired and reconnected with God’s Word and God’s people.

Coming in to be empowered to serve.

Sent out to share the message of the cross.

Sent out to be God’s disciples in His global kingdom.

Sent out for missions.

Sent out to bring God’s love and healing to people in need.


Emmanuel Lutheran Church

424 Scott St.

Fontanelle, IA 50846


Church Office:

641 745 2415

Pastor Steven Broers:

641 745 7648

Vicar Tony

607 437 2490

This week at a glance: 


Tuesday, July 16th

10:00 - Pastor to GSC


Wednesday, July 17th

6:30 - Men's Bible Study


Thursday, July 18th

9:00 Prayer Group


Sunday, July 21st

7:30 - Praise Team Practice

8:30 - Contemporary Service

9:45 - Adult Bible Study

10:30 - Traditional Service


6:30 - Praise Team Practice






We Reap (Harvest) What We Sow (Plant)

We Reap (Harvest) What We Sow (Plant)
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What Does It Mean To Be A Christian

What Does It Mean To Be A Christian
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