Emmanuel Lutheran Church:  A Vision for Giving

Frequently Asked Questions


Why is our church trying to raise so much money?

Our yearly budget doesn’t allow us to set aside money to pay for the substantial property improvements that are needed for our church or for any large-scale mission projects that we desire to undertake. Therefore, we want to have a long-range plan in place for how we can maintain our current structures AND support the world around us in a meaningful way.


Why are we planning to spend so much on the property?

We are blessed with a wonderful building to worship in and share with the community through ministry programs and events. It is our responsibility to maintain and improve what the generations before us invested so much time and energy into so that we can pass it on to the next generations.


Why are we planning to spend so much on mission projects?

Jesus calls us to “go and make disciples of all nations”. God doesn’t simply call us to take care of our own interests, but to spend at least as much time, money and energy on impacting the world around us. The needs are varied and great, so our response must be generous!


What will we be spending the money on first?

We have already signed paperwork for two building projects, concrete work and tuck-pointing, which will cost approximately $60,000. After we have raised the money to cover those bills, we will focus next on how we might use our money on others.


Who will decide what projects happen next?

Our Council has asked that we set up a Stewardship ministry team to make the decision about what projects will be prioritized. After the first two property projects are paid for, we will be supporting $60,000 worth of mission projects and then alternate back to property and so forth until we have completed everything!


How can a church our size raise $550,000 in five years?

Because we have a powerful and generous God! The more we commit to doing things God’s way, give generously out of our abundance and trust Him to provide, all things are possible!

We sent out around 300 letters to members and friends of Emmanuel. If each family (300 families) gave $1000 more than their normal offering in the next year, we would reach $300,000 in ONE YEAR. If only 100 families choose to give, those families would have to give $750 each year for the next 5 years more than their normal offering and we would have OVER 550,000 by our deadline. It’s really NOT that impossible.


Can I give to only a part of the vision fund?

When you give to the vision fund, you are supporting the vision of our church which entails both property improvements AND mission work—both are essential to our spiritual life. Anything designated to a part of the vision will support the whole thing. Just like your general giving pays for heat, G.R.O.W., stamps and the outreach ministry. We are ONE community and, therefore, while our opinions, our interests and our ministries may differ, our purpose is the same. We are coming in to be sent out!


How can I give to the vision fund?

If you are writing a check, please write Vision Fund in the memo line. Undesignated money will always support our General Operating Fund. If you are interested in giving electronically, please visit our Website at www.fontanellelutheran.org. Once on the site, you can click on the green Give Online button, click on the Create Profile button, and then follow the onscreen instructions. You will have three choices: General Fund, Vision Fund or Sponsor a Sheep. You can make a one-time donation or make a recurring contribution. If you do not have access to the internet, you can also pick up an Electronic Authorization Form in the church office to have the money taken directly out of your checking account.


What if I have more questions?


You are always welcome to call Pastor Broers at 641-745-7648 or reach him by email sbroers001@luthersem.edu. In addition, please feel free to talk to one of your 9 council members with any questions you have. We want you to understand this because we want you to be inspired and excited to give!